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Virtual Private Network

Virtual Private Network or commonly abbreviated and commonly known as VPN or VPN tunnel by definition is a mechanism connecting a point (or commonly with a node) on a computer network with another point through mediation of another network, in this case, a point can in the form of a local computer network (or commonly called a LAN) or a computer. Private properties in VPN are obtained because the best vpn 2021 is usually encrypted so it is safe from leads. 

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While the term tunnel itself (apart from the word VPN) is a generic term that explains that a connection between points on a computer network is carried out through a ‘sort of tunnel’ between the two points. Types of tunnels, when viewed from the OSI Layer, can be in the form of tunnel layer 2 such as PPP tunnel, PPPoE tunnel, VLAN and so on, but it is not commonly referred as PPP VPN or VLAN VPN.

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VPN in procurement is divided into 2, namely:

  • A voluntary tunnel, a VPN tunnel that is created voluntarily by users who need a VPN connection between points on their computer network.
  • A compulsory tunnel, which is a VPN tunnel specifically (read: transparently) by the ISP for its VPN service customers.

VPN connection form is divided into 3, namely:

  •  Host-to-Host VPN, which is a VPN relationship directly between computers.
  •  Site-to-Site VPN, which is a VPN connection between routers from several LANs.
  •  Host-to-Site VPN, which is a VPN connection made by a computer into a LAN network.

VPN security is divided into 2, namely:

  • VPN Security, a VPN connection method that implements several things related to securing data communications – such as encryption and so on. Examples of VPN Security: Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (or PPTP),IP Security (or IPSec), Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (or L2TP), Secure Socket Layer (or SSL) and so on.
  • IP VPN, a VPN connection method that is carried out by the ISP through the IP media as a whole within its internal network. Examples of IP VPN are Multi-Protocol Label Switching (or MPLS) and Virtual Private LAN Service (or VPLS) mechanisms and so on.

Media VPN itself can be done through:

  • Local LAN, which is a connection between 2 or more points in a local network itself.
  • WAN private network media, which is usually VPN done directly by the ISP
  • Internet media, which are usually VPN done voluntarily by users.

An overview of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) is shown in the figure. In general, the following scenarios are as follows,

  • Users use a computer / laptop access via HotSpot / LAN / Internet network.
  • The user is logged in to the VPN Server.
  • Laptop users will form additional connections to the VPN Server. This connection is a “tunnel” that all packets that pass will be encrypted.
  • Through the “tunnel” that is formed, the laptop will be able to access the server that is on the LAN network that is behind the VPN Server.

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