I love kickass torrents. It was the first good torrent website I found after years of struggling to get the torrents I wanted. Kickass Torrent is a trusted torrent sharing website that not only offers 100% authentic and verified torrents, but its active community ensures that only the fastest torrents of all categories grab users’ attention.

Is the Kickass torrent blocked in your area? It is obvious that many torrent sites tend to be blocked as soon as they become popular. This also applies to one of the most popular torrent sites; CAT. However, KAT users are keen to access the site anyway. This is where these kickass proxy sites or KAT mirror sites come into play. In this article, you are going to discover some of the best working proxy sites for kickass torrenting, as well as their availability and speed.

I have to say that proxy sites are a real delight for all torrent lovers. You are the reason you can still access these torrents even when they are blocked. Thank you to all the webmasters and torrent lovers for their great love for these KAT proxy sites.

Kickass torrents proxy sites
Kickass Proxy / Mirrors Status / Speed
https://kat.cr https://kat.cr
http://kickasstorrentsproxy.com http://kickasstorrentsproxy.com
http://katcr.to/ http://katcr.to/
https://kickass.cd https://kickass.cd
http://kat.am/ http://kat.am/
https://kickasstorrents.stream https://kickasstorrents.stream
http://kickasstorrents.video/ http://kickasstorrents.video/
https://kat.proxybit.loan https://kat.proxybit.loan
http://kickass.mx/ http://kickass.mx/
http://kickasstorrents.to/ http://kickasstorrents.to/
Updated Kickass Torrents proxy list
Kickass proxy / mirror status speed
https://katcr.co ONLINE Very quickly
http://kickasstorrents.video/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kat.proxybit.loan/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kickass.cd/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass-cd.pbproxy.red/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unblockme.eu/ ONLINE Fast
http://kickass.mx/ OFFLINE N / A
https://kickass.unlockproject.co/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kickasstorrents.video/ ONLINE Normal
https://kat.gameking.pw/ ONLINE Fast
https://kat.torrentfeed.pw/ ONLINE Fast
https://kat.sitescrack.pw/ ONLINE Fast
https://proxyindex.net/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickasstorrents.stream/ ONLINE Normal
https://unblocktorrent.com/kickass-proxy-unblock/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kickass.unlockproj.accountant ONLINE Normal
https://kat.am/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.party/ ONLINE Fast
https://dustorrent.com/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.skillproxy.org/ OFFLINE N / A
https://kickass.webypass.xyz/ OFFLINE N / A
http://katproxy.press/ OFFLINE N / A
https://kickass-cd.pbproxy.red/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.cm/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kickasstorrents.pw/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.unblocked.live/full/ ONLINE Normal
http://kickasstorrent.cr/ ONLINE Fast
http://dxtorrentx.com/ ONLINE Fast
https://kat.host/ OFFLINE N / A
https://kickass.unlockproj.space/ ONLINE Normal
http://katcr.to/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kickass5-cd.unblocked.lol ONLINE Slowly
https://kickass-cd.bypassed.cool/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kickass2.org/ ONLINE Slowly
https://kickass.bypassed.plus/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.unlockproj.review/ ONLINE Very quickly
http://kickasstorrents.to/ ONLINE Slowly
https://kat.sitescrack.info/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kickass.skillproxy.org/ OFFLINE N / A
https://kickass.unblocked.srl/ ONLINE Slow
https://kickass.st/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.faith/ ONLINE Fast
https://kat.proxybit.download/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass5-cd.unblocked.lol/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.loan/ ONLINE Normal
https://kickass.ukunblock.pro/ ONLINE Very quickly
https://kattor.xyz/ OFFLINE N / A
https://kickass.usunblock.space/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.club/ ONLINE Fast
https://kickass.immunicity.cab/ ONLINE Very quickly
This list of Kickass proxy sites will help you use your favorite torrent tracker regardless of your geographic location. Server status and speed information is provided for your convenience.

How to Unlock the Kickass Torrent Website
There are basically two ways to unblock kickass streams if they are blocked. These two methods are either the use of kickass proxy sites, which in turn compromise your privacy. The best method is to use Kickass Mirror sites with VPN software or just an extension will do the trick.

TOR (The Onion Router) is a group of individual networks that help us communicate anonymously. This means that you can use this browser and unblock any blocked website can.

Web proxy (not preferred)
This is the first step in accessing blocked sites like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter etc. at school. Here is a list of the current proxy sites. You can use any of them and unblock Kickass Torrent.

Kickass Torrents VPN
Since the government / ISP has blocked Kickass torrents, it is illegal to use a limetorrents proxy or mirror sites to download movies. So I would recommend you to use a VPN while torrenting Kickass.

The VPN will hide your online identity as well